Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

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Improving safety by predicting the lifespan of composite materials

Airbus, AMRC and Loughborough University utilised HPC Midlands to develop modelling capable of improving life predictions and reducing in-service failure for composite material parts.


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Computer modelling radically improves deep-sea welding techniques

Industry and academic partners on project MintWeld have been utilising HPC Midlands to solve the challenging and costly blockages to improving welding techniques for the most dangerous situations.


Reducing instabilities in aircraft engine combustion systems

With HPC Midlands compute power the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in Combustion System Aerothermal Processes at Loughborough University achieves rapid turnaround on advanced CFD simulations which replicate the complex physical processes that occur within an engine at high pressures and temperatures.

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Increasing turbine life through novel blade coating

Industry experts and leading academics across the country utilised high performance computing at Loughborough University to model turbine component degradation and discover novel coating solutions to extend its service life.