CREST expert to present renewable energy advances at Industry Breakfast

Wind parkSimon Watson, Professor of Wind Energy at the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), will be speaking at the HPC Midlands Industry Breakfast about the dramatic advances high performance computing can provide for the renewable energy sector.

“The availability of High Performance Computing (HPC) has played an important role in the development of wind energy,” said Professor Watson whose main areas of research include wind resource assessment, wind turbine condition monitoring and wind turbine wake modelling.  “From the simulation of atmospheric conditions at potential wind farm sites, to the prediction of aerodynamic losses in large offshore wind farm arrays, ever powerful HPC will continue to provide a platform for the increasingly complex simulation models that play are significant role in the design, planning and operation of wind farms.”

From its inception in 2012 HPC Midlands has been working closely with private industry on the development and optimisation of renewable energy generation. On-demand HPC access has provided quick and easy scalability for academics and industry researching computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models for resource prediction and facility stress-testing.

In addition to his knowledge from 25 years in wind energy at research bodies, universities and private corporations, Professor Watson will also speak to how CREST continues to instigate, lead and deliver high quality, original research through collaborating with industry and international academic networks.

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