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Industry Access

HPC Midlands provides an accessible, affordable and dependable opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Industry from any sector and companies of any size or skill-level have been utilising our facility to reduce the cost of product development, speed time to market, expand their modelling and simulation capabilities and free-up space on their in-house servers.


We operate as a straight-forward pay-as-you go service. Charge is based on core-hour usage only and billed quarterly in arrears. The core-hour rate includes no quotas on disk-space and unlimited technical support and potential with no annual fees or minimum project sizes and no charges for transferring or storing your data via our rapid I/O network.

We add a network of local experts in software development, computer-aided design, product prototyping, research analysis and funding to make innovation possible regardless of prior experience.

By providing a low-cost, low-risk, no obligation service we emphasise furthering our clients innovation opportunities above all else.

Contact us for more details about pricing and options for bespoke service.

Test Trial

HPC Midlands wants our cluster to be the right fit for you company. For every client we offer free account and software setup and technical support to assure you can use the cluster efficiently and core-hours to test the speed and expanded project capability you can achieve. We have  a large suite of already available open-source software and agreements with ISVs to provide free trial licenses for commercial software.

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Local Expertise

As a cutting-edge technology utilised by a wide range of industries it is understandable that many companies need support in developing projects fully capable of  high-performance computing’s innovative potential.

As a Loughborough University facility HPC Midlands is in a unique position to tap into the regions greatest localisation of expertise in engineering, manufacturing, energy, and life sciences among many other fields. In addition to field-specialised expertise the University has a wealth of staff and external contacts knowledgeable in software development, computer-aided modelling and simulation, product prototyping, parallel programming and HPC optimisation, and big data analysis.

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Research Partnerships

As part of Loughborough University HPC Midlands also offers convenient in-road to developing research partnerships with leading academics and Doctoral Training Centres and get connected with funding opportunities to develop products or expand your work-force.

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